Flipkart Introduced new Service called “Flipkart Assusred” to maintain Quality Products and Delivery Fast.

By | August 24, 2016

Flip Kart Introduced ASSURANCE

Good news for the Online Shopers! Flipkart has introduced a new service called Flipkart Assured to enable its Users to get the right product as desribed on the Item Desrciption. The ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge is a seal of quality and speed. Products with this badge meet Flipkart’s  extensive quality & packaging guidelines along with having faster delivery times. With stringent seller & product selection combined with fast & free* delivery, ‘Flipkart Assured’ guarantees a superior and hassle-free shopping experience every time you shop on Flipkart.


Flipkart Assured willl check the Item if any user order for certain products in any category. Flipkart Executive member will check the packed item with ‘6 quality checking’ details like Color,size, brand name, is item as per described or not?,etc to ensure that user will receive the correct products.


Difference Between Flipkart Advantage and Flipkart Assured?

There is a difference between ‘Flipkart Advantage’ and Flipkart Assured. Flipkart Advantage was a tag for all products from sellers who used Flipkart partner warehouse services, the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge is given to select items basis their performance on product quality attributes and availability for faster delivery.


Flip Kart is  Success Cart Through Online Shopping

Flip kart is one of the Massive sales in Online Here every product are kept with the high and good quality. Flip kart customers are like for shopping and Trusted by the Public. We can pay the amount with different like EMI, COD, Online Purchase types. There is no quality less products are available in the Flip kart.

The no of Different Gadgets are purchase through the online, delivery time and date given through the Emails and Messages like mobile phone. All services are excellent to choose for the online shopping.

Flip kart is best one to shop from Online which is the best one to choose other than shopping carts. Here Quality products are available to buy here, everyone like to shop in Online but In sales offers are given with cool discounts.

In Flip kart materials are very well and quality products are there. No. of different model s and different company products like Mobiles, Electronic gadgets, shopping dresses, Mobiles Accessories , Beautician, Health products, Sports ,fitness  and Outlets, Books whatever are there. So the public is trusted this site for the shopping and Offers.

Flip Kart Gives Good Assurance to the Customers

Flip kart gives good assurance to the customers by purchasing the products and they given exactly delivery time and Fast delivery service are there. The company trusted their customers and the public. Everyone like this shopping site through the online services.

Easy get and Easy Returns

If we order the products, the company sends the product to your door step. If we did not like this product we can easy returns the product to the delivery person , this facility starts first Flip kart only.

Money Back Guarantee Facility available

In the Flip Kart, money back guarantee facility available to their customers and Product Exchanges are well with the Discount of your product rate so this is excellent from the Flip Kart.

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